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44 Certified as California Small Business

We are pleased to announce that 44 Energy Technologies® has been certified by the State of California as a Small Business. As a California business headquartered in Oakland, we look forward to future opportunities to work with the state.


44 Energy Technologies® is pleased to announce that it has joined CALSTART.

CalStart is a member-supported organization of more than 140 firms, fleets, and agencies worldwide dedicated to supporting a growing high-tech, clean transportation industry that cleans the air, creates jobs, cuts imported oil, and reduces global warming emissions. CALSTART provides services and consulting to spur advanced transportation technologies, fuels, systems and the companies that make them.

44 Certified as a City of Oakland VSLBE

44 Energy Technologies® is pleased to announce that we have received certification from the City of Oakland as a Very Small Local Business Enterprise. 44 is proud to operate in and serve the local Oakland community.

We are currently underway with similar certifications for other public entities. Updates will be provided as those processes are completed.